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Hello! I’m Bill Hitchcock and WELCOME to my site.

This website is for people to find me online. I’ve been involved in a variety of areas in life including television and film, marine fisheries, real estate and more importantly spreading the word of God. Because of the diversity of experiences some folks don’t know where to look to find me. So I thought I would create a sign, a billboard if you will along the super-highway called the internet. This website is designed to help search engines like Google or a Bing to produce search results. This is my big ol’ sign on the internet highway saying, “Here I am!”

If you would like to see what I am doing then I invite you to visit Refining Truth is a ministry of Evangelism. We preach the Gospels of Jesus Christ, report on Christian news, give daily application to the divine word and interview God’s people in key positions. Soon live and interactive media will be added to the site.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll join me over at Refining Truth

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